World's First Invisible Sculpture Sells for a Whopping $18,000


How much would you pay for this invisible sculpture?

An invisible sculpture created by Italian artist Salvatore Garau, recently acquired by someone who paid a whopping 15,000 euros for it during an auction. 

Titled "I am," the invisible work of art represents a void, a technically space that is actually occupied by the energy of the sculpture. 

Sound like something you'd be interested in? No? 

Well, it's too late anyway, as someone has already snatched it up by paying 12 thousand euros (15 thousand with auction rights) earlier this month.

So how does one keep an invisible sculpture? 

Well, the artist suggests storing the artwork in a special room, in a space free from obstruction, of about 150×150 cm (4.92×4.92 feet). 

Special lighting and climate control are optional since "I Am" is immaterial…

Garau considers his invisible sculpture to be a perfect metaphor for our time. 

It's also apparently superior to the novel NFT artworks, as not only is it just as unique and impossible to reproduce, but it also has zero environmental impact.

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