Two Kids Break Into Home & Start Shootout With Police Officers

(Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Two foster kids, aged 12 and 14 allegedly broke into a home in Florida, found several firearms, and then used the guns in a shootout with a police officers.

CNN reports the children escaped from the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, when they found a an empty home nearby and decided to break into it.

In the process of the chaotic incident, the kids held a 30-minute altercation with the deputies which then resulted into a shootout. In fact, one of the kids was threatening to kill one of the officers. She then got shot twice, in the arm and abdomen. 

“We try to deescalate, we throw a cell phone into the house to try to talk to them,” said Sheriff Mike Chitwood. “The 14-year-old comes out of the garage with a pump shotgun, levels it at deputies, and despite warnings to drop it, she walks back into the garage. She comes back a second time, and that’s when deputies open fire.”

One of the kids is currently in the hospital with critical injuries, while the other one was unharmed.

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