"Karen" Has Seen A Significant Drop On The List Of Popular Baby Names

 (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

Over the past few years, the name Karen has been all over the media and not in the most positive way. In fact, it’s being reported that the nameKaren has continued to fall in popularity.

According to a new data study reported by the Huffington Post, Karen’ fell out of favor with new parents in 2020. In fact, out of the Top 1,000 names on the list, it ranked at the 831 spot, making its lowest ranking on the list since 1927.

Last year, only 325 babies were named Karen. As for 2019, there were 439 babies with that name. Now, we assume that if the name Karen continues to have the reputation it’s had over the last few years, it will continue to drop.

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