The Headlining The Super Bowl Cost The Weeknd His Grammy Nominations?

2017 Lollapalooza Brazil - Day 2

After the Grammy nominations were announced people were very surprised to see that The Weeknd was nominated for ZERO Grammys. Despite the fact that he dropped his album "After Hours" and his track "Blinding Lights" was one of the biggest songs of the year!

This was considered a HUGE Snub - even Kid Cudi posted about it!

Well now according to sources the reason Abel might not have received any nominations is because of the Super Bowl. Apparently The Weeknd's team was in talks to perform at the Grammys - however the Grammys allegedly issued the ultimatum -- us or Super Bowl LV.

Eventually they worked out a deal where Abel would do both shows but apparently the negotiations got pretty heated.

You might be asking yourself, well why would the Grammys not want him to do the Super Bowl? It might be because the same network is airing both and they didn't want a duplicate performance. Which sounds silly to me because the Grammys airs a week before the Super Bowl!

HOWEVER, check out Abel's tweet below. It makes you feel like there was something going down behind the scenes.

He also posted the same message on his Instagram page.

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