You Won't Believe How NFL Player Patrick Mahomes Eats His Turkey - WHAT?!

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

I know everyone has their own little weird food pairings, some more crazier than others but this one really took me back. It's not that I think it's gross but I've just never done this.

So apparently Patrick Mahomes who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs is known for loving Ketchup and during a recent interview with a sports station they asked him if he would put ketchup on his turkey and this is how he responded

"Yeah, dude, I mean come on," Mahomes said. "You got to put ketchup on that!"

Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash


I mean, I think I might have put ketchup on a turkey sandwich but FOR SURE NOT my Turkey dinner! Gravy and cranberry sauce goes on my turkey!!!

But get this, he also said that if Ham is served at Thanksgiving, he'll put ketchup on that too!

In the past he's admitted to putting it on eggs (I do that too) and mac and cheese (NEVER)

He even has an endorsement with Hunts!

What do you think about putting Ketchup on your Thanksgiving Turkey????

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