Former NFL Player Matt Leinart Gets Dragged For Tweet About Outdoor Dinning

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It was announced the other day that all outdoor dinning in Los Angeles is going to have to shut down for three weeks!

A lot of people had opinions about this but one person who got dragged for his opinion was former NFL Player and USC Alumini Matt Leinart. In a now deleted tweet he said

LA just closed all dining INDOOR/OUTDOOR for 3 weeks? Can’t wait to move out of this awful place. Ridiculous.

He did keep this up

However people were NOT having it!!

Someone else pointed out that you can still do Take Out at these restaurants. So it's not that the restaurant has to close, just the outdoor dinning part.

I do feel bad for those waiters who went back to work and now won't have a job for a few weeks. Matt also expressed this in another tweet.

However with the rising numbers we need to find a way to slow the spread. People forget that when outdoor dinning was not available the numbers were much lower and hospitals were not as packed. Then we opened up and the holidays came and the numbers began to rise again.

Matt did feel the need to come back and tell people to stop bullying him.

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