4 Places Dr. Fauci Won't Go Right Now Because of Coronavirus.


As the U.S. continues to report record-setting coronavirus numbers, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has revealed the top four places he won't go because they're unsafe.

Topping Dr. Anthony Fauci's list: restaurants, which he says are the country's riskiest hot zones. "I would feel quite uncomfortable even being in a restaurant," he says.

Coming it at number two is public transportation, Fauci says. "If you go someplace, [go] in your car by yourself, not on a crowded subway, not on a crowded bus," he says. (This is really hard for a lot of people, they depend on public transportation to get to work)

Coming in at number three are planes, although Fauci says they don't present as much of a risk for younger people. ""If you're a 25-year-old who has no underlying conditions, that's much different," he says.

And rounding out Fauci's top four are bars and nightclubs, which he calls "really problematic." He says, "When you're at a bar, people are leaning over your shoulder to get a drink. It's kind of fun because it's social, but it's not fun when this virus is in the air."

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