This Honeymoon Destination Leads To Most Divorces


Have you been here before?

Is there a destination you've dreamed of for your Honeymoon? I hope this article doesn't ruin your dreams, but it's important to know! Thousands of Google searches are made a month for honeymoon destinations, but there are a few places you may want to avoid. 

A study surveyed 3,100 divorced or separated people to find where they honeymooned.

It turns out the Maldives is not safe to go to on a honeymoon because it led to 20% of divorces! 

Okay, that alone didn't lead to a divorce, but that's where the marriage kicked off!

Second on the list of Marrakech *17%* and Bora Bora *13%*

The safest destinations are Nairobi, Maui, Napa Valley, and Bangkok; only 1% of people said they ended up divorcing after going here.

Full details here.

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