Creepy Plumber Caught On Hidden Camera Smelling Customers Underwear


Has something like this ever happened to you?

A hidden camera helped one woman catch a plumber who broke all his job rules when he started snooping around his customer's home.

A woman in Wakefield, West Yorks, needed her bathroom leak to be fixed, so she told her landlady, and they hired a plumber to fix her tenant's bathroom.

The plumber came to the house earlier than scheduled, so she asked him if he could come back in 30 minutes. This gave her time to get ready for work; by the time the Plumber came back, she was ready to leave.

After she left the house, less than 20 minutes later, her security camera alert went off.

She was in the parking lot of a supermarket the alarm went off, as she checked her camera, that's when she saw the creepy plumber in her bedroom!

She had a camera in her bedroom because she lives alone and has been told by friends that's where robbers go first.

He was going through her stuff and even smelled her underwear.

The woman immediately called the cops, and they met him at her apartment.

They arrested the plumber, but he wasn't charged with anything because he didn't steal anything from her bedroom.

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