Guy Who Lost His Sense of Taste Because of Covid Eats Weird Foods on TikTok


We all have heard that some people who catch Coronavirus have lost their sense of taste and smell. It also seems everyone is slightly different, some people got it back, others are still dealing with it and a friend of mine says he use to LOVE hamburgers and now they taste really bad to him (That sucks)

Well this guy wanted to show TikTok that he really lost his sense of taste and smell by eating very pungent foods, he bits into an onion, eats a spoonful of garlic paste and a spoonful of lemon juice!

Just watching him eat this gives me the weirdest feeling, because I know how bad this would be haha, but he really doesn't taste much!

He doesn't end it there, he's posted a few more videos. Enjoy!

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