"You About To Lose Yo' Job" Creator Has Received Business Opportunities

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You might remember the “You About To Lose Yo’ Job” video that went viral earlier this year. The clip showed Johnniqua Charles asking a security guard for her rights during a misunderstanding outside of South Carolina's Diamonds Gentleman’s Club.

In a recent interview with Atlanta Black Star Entertainment, Charles explained how she came up with the jingle. “Being agitated with not knowing why I was being detained and knowing my rights is where that whole scenario came from,” Charles told Atlanta Black Star.

She also reflected on the first time she heard the song after the altercation.

“I think the first time that I’d ever seen my song played at a big protest, of course I dropped a tear because this was amazing,” Charles said.

Charles also says the viral video moment opened a lot of doors and blessed her with opportunities. “It placed people in my life that I probably turned away because of the habit that I had,” she said. “I was in and out of the streets begging since I was probably 19. I was at my wit’s end, I was at the bottom, the lowest, the deepest that you could be.”

Check out the full interview with Johnniqua Charles below.

Photo: Vladimir Zivojinovic/Getty Images

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