Woman Arrested For Sneaking On Plane To See Jay-Z In Los Angeles


Have you snuck in somewhere to meet a celebrity?

A 23-year-old woman, Yaazmina Payton, from Chicago, has been arrested at the O'Hare airport for sneaking in and boarding a plane without a ticket.

During a court heart on Monday, she revealed she was trying to get to Los Angeles to see Jay-Z, and she explained how she got past TSA. 

It's unclear why she wanted to see him, maybe a huge fan? That's definitely not a way to go about it.

Payton explained she bypassed the checkpoint while the TSA officers were distracted, yup just like that!

Once she was in the boarding area, an employee alerted a "ticket agent" when they saw her ducking under ropes by the boarding door.

She entered the plane and shortly after was escorted off when she couldn't show her plane ticket, then got charged with a felony criminal trespass.

Full story here.

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