Girl Reveals That Her Parents Kicked Her Out Because She Voted For Biden.

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We know people have a hard time with politics, engaging in civil conversations or sharing their opinion. However what happens when you don't agree with your parents?! Well this girl showed exactly what happened to her. She was clearly vocal about her support to Joe Biden but it seems like her parents are hardcore Trump supporters!

In her video that she posted on TikTok she showed their reaction when Biden was elected and then later she's filming a video in her room and her Mom comes in and is very upset. From there is seems like she was kicked out of her house.

Jules later updated anyone who saw her video and tried to explain a little bit.

I don't want to judge her parents but I'd like to think that since that is your daughter you wouldn't throw her out because of this. Maybe this was the straw the broke the camel's back?! I don't know. But seems like she is ok and living with a friend at the moment.

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