Scientist Want You To Celebrate Christmas In The Summer

Christmas In Australia

Will you celebrate Christmas in the summer?

Scientist in the UK wants people to postpone Christmas festive to the summer. They wrote a paper asking people to "rethink" how they're celebrating Christmas this year. 

The paper "Positive strategies for sustaining adherence to infection control and behaviors" explains how to stop the spread of COVID.

" When introducing unavoidable restrictions on behavior to reduce infection transmission, it may therefore be helpful to suggest and positively encourage less risky alternative behavior. For example, whenever announcing that a particular form of social interaction needs to be avoided (e.g., indoor mixing at university, hospitality settings, or the home), then actively propose and support less risky forms of mixing. These could include carrying out the activity:

  1. Outdoors, socially distanced (e.g., fireworks or doorstep celebrations to replace indoor celebrations).
  2. Online (e.g., actively facilitating peer interaction between staff working from home or quarantining students).
  3. In a different way (e.g., greeting with a hand over heart gesture to replace embrace).
  4. At a later date (e.g., planning a summer family get together to replace meeting at Christmas).

Read more here.

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