More New Emoji's Are Revealed And We're Getting a Beaver & A Chancla!


In September we found out that we were getting new emojis and some of them were a flaming heart, an emoji with a mask, an emoji with smoke around them and a few more.

But now even MORE emojis have emerged and I can't wait!

Ok for starters, I'm so happy we're finally getting a smiling emoji with a single tear! That's the emoji I need when my friend gets engaged or someone gets great news and you're so happy it moves you to tears. And I know I have the sobbing emoji, but that's extreme.

Ok next we're getting a know a lot of you will use this! Also a Beaver, a Mom and Dad feeding a baby with a bottle, a hug, a black cat, a roach, blueberries, olive, ladder, grave, a rock, a bucket and a tamale.

Which new emoji are you most excited for???

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