When Will You Be Able To Get Your Starbucks Holiday Cups? Find Out Here.

Ok I get it, Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet and Christmas is still about 50 days away BUT Starbucks is getting ready to roll out their very popular Holiday Cups!!

When will you be able to get your cup? Tomorrow, November 6th!

I will say though, even though the Holiday cups will be available you may not get it in your next order, a lot of stores have to get rid of their white cups first to start using their Holiday cups! But I'm still very excited!!

Also it has to be said the Chestnut Praline Latte is THE BEST Holiday drink HAHA! Ok that's just my personal opinion!

Anyways, there will be four holiday cups this year and this year's theme is "Carry the Merry"

"Our thought behind the cups this year was about people carrying them out in the world as messengers of joy,"

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