GameStop Asks Employees To Participate In TikTok Contest For Extra Hours


Earlier today, it was reported that GameStop was having employees compete in a TikTok dance challenge for the chance to earn extra work hours during Black Friday.

According to Kataku, the gaming company was encouraging its employees to "be creative and have fun with it.” The winning GameStop store would win 10 extra labor hours, a Visa gift card, and two Amazon Echo products.

"Hours have always been a sensitive subject for the managers, a former GameStop employee told Kataku. "They're typically running their stores off strict hour allotments which causes the managers to overwork themselves or run their stores with limited help."

However, the GameStop page has since been removed the post after employees learned that it was to get more holiday labor hours.

What do you guys think about this? If you worked at GameStop, would you participate?

Photo: JIM WATSON/Getty Images

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