Company Is Paying $25/Hr for Virtual Santas


What's the coolest holiday job you've ever had?

Tis, the season for making holiday cash, and this company is paying a pretty penny for you to be a virtual Santa.

There's a new site called Live Calls With Santa that allows parents to talk with Santa despite the pandemic.

According to the job posting for the site, they're looking for people who "embody Santa's appearance, persona, energy, and can, of course, give a hearty ho-ho-ho."

If you're chosen for the $25 per hour gig, you must stay in character throughout calls and answer kids' questions whether they've been naughty or nice.

When will it begin? Early-mid Novemember and it'll go until December 24th! Elf's will be on the calls to provide tech support.

Apply here.

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