Cardi B Approves of Ciara's "Invasion Of Privacy" Halloween Costume


Halloween 2020 is here and celebrities are rolling out their costumes.

Just yesterday, Saweetie dressed up as the three members (Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly) of Destiny's Child and recreated their "Bootylicious" music video. Today, we had Ciara and Baby Future show off their "Invasion Of Privacy" inspired Halloween costume.

The RnB singer and her son 6-year-old son shared their Halloween festivities on Instagram by sharing: "CARDI. Swipe to the right for a Surprise. 😎 #Halloween"

Cardi then saw and was filled with so much excitement. She wrote on Instagram:

"I’m gagging! I love it! I’m so hype! I’ve always been a huge fan of@ciaraand became an even bigger fan after I met her! She is the most sweetest and the most nicest person in the world! A true peach! Staying sweet and humble was the prayer!"

Check out their Halloween costume below.


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