Beyoncé Gifts New Ivy Park Line to Young Cancer Patient

TIDAL X: 1015 - Arrivals

Today was the BIG day for Beyoncé and her fans as she released her second drop of Ivy Park x Adidas. If you're trying to get any of the items now, it might be too late since most of it is sold out already!

But some of Beyoncé's closest friends have been receiving gifts from Beyoncé with select items from the line. Now celebrities get things for free ALL the time BUT there was one person who for sure deserved to get a beautiful gift from Beyoncé and that's her fan Lyric.

Lyric is fighting brain cancer and is a HUGE Beyoncé fan, a few weeks ago B sent her a sweet note and some flowers. But a couple days ago Lyric received an even bigger gift and that's some items from the line.

I love it!!! Get it girl!!!!

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