Playboy Sues Fashion Nova Over Iconic Bunny Costume!

Playboy Presents: No Tie Party In Washington D.C.

Obviously Halloween this year is going to look VERY different than past years because of the pandemic. But it doesn't mean some people WON'T be dressing up!! I've got my costume all ready to go. I'm not going to any parties or going trick or treating but I am going to see my nephews and check out their costumes so I wanted to dress up for them!

ANYWAYS - it has been revealed that Playboy is suing Fashion Nova over the Iconic Bunny Costume!

Other costume companies have sold a similar bunny costume, but left out a few details so that it wouldn't be a copy of The Playboy one.

According to the Los Angeles Federal court Fashion Nova's “attempt to  confuse and mislead consumers,'' with their costume.

“Despite Playboy's warning to Fashion Nova to cease and desist its unlawful behavior, Fashion Nova continues to market and sell'' copies of “Playboy's most valuable and well-recognized marks,''

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

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