Video Captures Man Dumping His Pregnant Girlfriend's Body On Expressway.

Photo by Patrik Ferro on Unsplash

This is such a disturbing video! A man was caught on camera dragging his girlfriend's lifeless body out of his car and onto the side of the road.

NYPD says the video shows 29-year-old Goey Charles yanking the body of Vanessa Pierre, also 29, out of a light-colored car and leaving her on the ground on Horace Harding Expressway near Bell Boulevard in Bayside, next to a small bush, Friday morning.

The city medical examiner’s office confirmed that Vanessa died from being strangled.

Vanessa's sister Melissa Pierre said that her sister was a nurse practitioner, was six months pregnant with Charles’ child, a girl, she was planning on naming her Libby Egypt. Melissa also spoke about the relationship and said

“I kept telling her this man is not it. Something was just off about him. He was a pathological liar. They moved really fast, been together about a year, less than that. From what it looked like, it looked like he wasn’t really working.”

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