Rob Pelinka Says Kobe & Gianna Predicted Lakers Would Win The Championship.

WNBA All-Star Game 2019

It's been a bittersweet year for the Los Angeles Lakers, losing Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna at the beginning of the year and the franchise winning the NBA Championship late in the year. According to Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka, Kobe and Gianna had no doubt the team would win it all again.

Talking onThe Woj Pod, Pelinka recalled a 2017 conversation with Bryant right after he became general manager. “I remember [Bryant] looking me in the eye and saying ‘Hey, I know how you work. I know how locked in you are. I know you’re a chess player. I think you’ll have the Lakers back winning a championship in two to three years,’ " said Pelinka.

Even Gianna had high hopes for the team at the beginning of the season. “I remember Gigi looked at me and she said ... ‘Uncle P, I’m watching this game, and I’m looking around, you guys are going to win the title this year,' "Pelinka recalled. 

Pelinka says he is still close with Bryant's widow Vanessa.

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