Chris Brown Slams His Haters In a Heated New Post: 'I'll Earn Your Fear'

Drai's LIVE Kicks Off 2016 With Performance By Resident Artist Chris Brown At Drai's Nightclub In Las Vegas

Do you think people continue to be too hard on Chris Brown? 

Chris Brown had some words for haters who criticized him and his work. Brown took to his Instagram Stories and fired off at the person or people, and it's unclear what made him go hard on the post. "Shut up and just listen to the damn music," he wrote. 

"Only people that give a f*** about others' personal problems have a personal problem…..So please please take it personal if I stunt, s***, or flex on you! I'm not you, and you could never be me. The lie was that we are the same. No the f*** we ain't! Know that…"

Chris added, "If I can't earn your respect…. I'll earn your fear. Can't dim my light but can't brighten yours by focusing on you…Hoped this helped/hurt some feelings!"

It's hard to say you won't listen to his music because he's everywhere with his music. Brown has continued to stay at the forefront of music with his latest release with Young Thug & Drake. 

*Explicit language*

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