Costco Is Selling Variety Packs Of Mini Patrón Bottles and I Need It.

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Need the perfect gift? Or want to buy something for yourself, I've found it! It's a Variety pack of mini patrón bottles and you can now get it at Costco.

According to the Instagram account Costcosisters

They come in a pack of eight mini bottles with four different varieties certain to make everyone happy...or to just give yourself a few different options. You'll get two bottles of Silver, two bottles of Reposado, two bottle of Añejo, and two bottles of XO Cafe (perfect for coffee lovers!).

I know so many people who would love this. You can give it as a gift, or you can open that bad boy up and keep for yourself OR you can use them in goodie bags, the possiblities The pack will be about $30 bucks and I know so many people who would love this as a gift, but you could also use them in goodie bags or keep it for yourself.

Drink Responsibly.

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