Aubrey O'Day Puts Trump Family On Blast! Affairs, Lesbians and More!

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At one point former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day was on the TV show The Apprentice, she then got close to the Trump family. Apparenlty Aubrey even had an affair with Donald Trump Jr.

Apparently it was Don Jr. who went after Aubrey and told her that his marriage was at the end even though his wife was pregnant with their third child.

After having an affair for a few months, Don Jr.'s wife found out and confronted Aubrey. Don Jr. didn't end the affair after that but later Donald Sr. stepped in and made his son end the affair.

Anyways, well now Aubrey is speaking out against the family and exposing their secrets.

Aubrey posted this message on Twitter

Don Jr HATES his Father

Ivanka is a lesbian on the low

Eric ****** Miss Universe on the Apprentice board room table while with his now wife!

Not only that but she also says she has text messages about Donald Jr. hating Barron

"And while we are at it.. I have texts of don jr telling me what a little **** ***hole barron is," - "That they were on the private jet and barron didn’t like his food so he threw the plate across the plane at the attendant. NONE of these people are INNOCENT of being ***holes & liars!"

It looks like she deleted those tweets but she did keep this one up.

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