Woman Caught On Camera Trying To Kidnap 1 Year Old. Watch Here

Photo by Tim Bish on Unsplash

There's a crazy lady on the loose trying to take children. It sounds like a scary movie but it's actually happening - surveillance footage caught a woman trying to take a 1 year old.

The footage shows the suspect aka "crazy lady" walking up to another woman who was carrying a child in a parking lot, the suspect demands that the woman hand over the child and claimed the baby was hers. The victim tried to walk away but the suspect tried to take the baby and even shouted something to someone nearby. Thankfully the victim was able to walk away and go into a nearby restaurant to ask for help.

The police then said that the suspect walked over to a gated apartment courtyard and tried grabbing a 5-year-old boy but nearby family members were able to stop her from taking him! The police are asking for help in finding the lady so that she doesn't do this again.

Anyone with information about these incidents are urged to contact detectives at (323) 786-5412.

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