12-Year-Old Threaten With Arrest After He Missed Zoom Class. Details Here.


This seems a bit excessive but a 12 year old from Northern California received a letter from his middle school after he missed less than two hours of Zoom class. In the letter he was threatened to be arrested!

According to the school's principal the administration had no choice but to send the letter based off the new state guidelines.

The father Mark Mastrov said that his son missed exactly three 30 minute Zoom sessions one day last month!

"He can become a truant of the state and he could be arrested,"

Mark said he called the school and said

"Are you going to come and try to arrest my son at my home, or fine me for not getting him to his Zoom class perfectly, on time everyday?'"

Apparently Mark should have received a call first trying to clear up the matter but he says he never was called. Now he's trying to change the law

"Obviously we're in a pandemic and Gov. Newsom is trying to manage it," said Mastrov, "but if the state of California is focusing on arresting 12-year-old children for missing 90 minutes of school in ten months, it's ridiculous."

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