A$AP Ferg Clears Up The Rumors That He Left A$AP MOB

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A$AP Ferg is making it very clear that he is still, and forever will be, a member of ASAP Mob.

In a recent conversation with GENIUS, the Harlem rapper cleared up the rumors that were circulation for the past couple of weeks about him no longer being a part of A$AP MOB.

"I don’t think there’s no breaking up of the Mob. It’s like, once you’re in the Mob, you can't get out," he said. "This is blood in, blood out. The different families, they war with each other and sh*t, because one mob member leave and then they build they own sh*t and then it becomes a thing. But you can never get out of the mob. So that’s not even a thing."

He continued: "When you get older, people grow in different directions as well. What was once cool is not even cool anymore. And some people can handle your evolution. Some people didn’t evolve yet. Some people don’t understand your evolution or whatever the case may be, but that's okay. And then you have discrepancies and people, they just go against what your whole thing is. And everybody has a different agenda, so that’s okay. that’s life."

Check out Ferg's full interview with GENIUS below.

Photo: Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

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