Landlord Admits To Killing Tenants Because They Partied Too Much.

Tributes Are Laid At Burnt Out Home Where Four Children Perished

This is awful! Chad Reed was arrested last week in Michigan and charged with two counts of open murder for killing his tenants.

Joseph and Jaclyn were reported missing by family members last week and the police started an investigation

During their investigation they received a tip that Chad had confessed to the killing and hiding the couple's bodies.

After that Chad turned himself in and confessed that he didn't get along with his tenants because they kept him up at night because they "liked to party"

Battle Creek Police Department Sgt. Detective Joel Case said in a press conference

“From everybody that we’ve talked to…it sounds like they had an ongoing dispute where they could not get along,” Case said. “They had arguments about money, they had arguments about you name it.

“So it was relatively common for him to complain to people that he was annoyed by them, didn’t get along with them,”

Chad is claiming that he had an argument with the couple and Joseph pulled out a knife and in self defense Chad pulled out a gun.

After that he wrapped their bodies in plastic and put them in the back of his truck, but after the investigation started he drove the bodies to a nearby empty garage and left the bodies in there.

This sounds like a movie and it's so messed up!!!

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