Pregnant Woman Killed By Friend & Her Baby Was Taken From The Womb.

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

This is such an awful thing.

Regan Hancock was 21 and expecting a baby in November, she was 8 and a half months pregnant. In August Regan wrote on her FB page

"Some of you know, some of you don't... but we are having another SWEET BABYGIRL come November the 10th (give or take)," she wrote. "She already acts like her daddy & big sister. We cannot wait for our Braxlynn Sage to be here. Daddy is definitely outnumbered."

Last week her body was found inside a home in New Boston and A female suspect has been taken into custody in Oklahoma. Apparently the suspect knew Regan and allegedly killed her and cut her baby out of the womb. Took the baby to the hospital but sadly the baby did not survive.

Regan's family took to Facebook to talk about the crime

"I don’t have it in me right now to make a long post," - "But mainly I am begging for prayers without ceasing for our family. Our beautiful daughter, Reagan Hancock,and her precious unborn baby girl, Braxlynn, were murdered yesterday by Satan in the flesh. I found her and Marcus and Chris were on scene right after me. Our family, friends and community are rocked to the core! Our Reagan was one of the most precious people you would ever meet. Please I beg keep us in your prayers."

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