Republicans Admitted to Placing Unofficial Ballot Boxes Around California!


What the F!!!!!

According to reports the Republican party has admitted to placing unofficial ballot drop off boxes around California. Ohhhh but the Democrats are the ones that are going to rig the election! Mhhmmm!!

"The GOP, however, said it will continue using the drop boxes, falsely claiming that the boxes are permissible under a California law that allows anyone to physically deliver a ballot on behalf of someone else, so long as they’re authorized to do so."

The boxes are even labeled "Official Ballot Drop-off Box" - They've been seen around Churches, Gyms, Gun stores and other locations!

Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerrasent a cease-and-desist letters to the state Republican Party, giving them until Thursday, October 15 to remove the boxes. “The use of unauthorized, non-official vote-by-mail ballot drop boxes does not comply with state law governing ballot collection activities,”

Thankfully an Orange County Election official said that the ballots will NOT be thrown out, but the voters will be contacted to "just to verify that they, in fact designated their ballots to be picked up by somebody else!"

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