A New Mural In Mid-City Honors Kobe Bryant and The Los Angeles Lakers

Credit: Getty Images/Harry How

A brand new mural in Mid-City celebrates the Los Angeles Lakers 17th NBA title alongside the late-great Kobe Bryant.

Titled "Leave A Legacy," the artist of the mural says it honors the team's work and legacy.

"That it just represents just being the best person you can be. I guess with 2020, it's waken a lot of people up not just with social injustice but being aware of family and friends and what's really important," the artist Gus Zermeno told CBS Los Angeles.

Zermeno says it was important for him to add Kobe in his mural because he believes the Black Mamba is what helped the Lakers throughout this season. "Kobe was definitely with us," he adds.

If you want to check out the "Leave A Legacy" mural, visit Gus Zermena's Instagram.

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