Rihanna Apologizes To Fans For Using a Sacred Song In Her Lingerie Show!


Last week Rihanna released her "Savage x Fenty" show on Amazon Prime and now she's having to apologize for using a specific song during the show!

Fans noticed that during one part of the show Rihanna included sacred Islamic verses

CNN points out that the models danced to the song "Doom" by London-based producer Coucou Chloe during a portion of Rihanna's show, which streamed on Amazon Prime on Friday. Apparently, the song, released in 2017, includes a remix of a hadith narration about the end of times and judgment day.

Fans took to social media to express disappointment. One fan said:

“How is it okay for Rihanna to have a show of people dancing in underwear with an Islamic hadith about judgment day playing in the background?”

TikTok user @nad said “If this was the Bible being used, the entire world would be enraged. How is it okay for the work of the most renowned Islamic scholar to be used as music for lingerie?”

@reversecoconut “my religion is not y’all’s aesthetic,” Times notes. Rihanna is now speaking out to take accountability and to personally apologize to the Muslim community.

Rihanna has now addressed the issue and apologized

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