Kendrick Lamar Responds To Rumors of Him Leaving TDE

After TDE's Punch cryptically responded to rumors of Kendrick Lamar no longer being with TDE.

It was being said that Kendrick left TDE to pursue his own label, pgLang, which was announced back in March and introduced it as a record label, movie studio, and publishing house.

The rumors started on a Kendrick Lamar Reddit page which suggested that Baby Keem and Jorja Smith were also going to join Kendrick on pgLang. 

TDE’s Punch seemingly responded to the rumors tweeting, "Smh can’t even try to be mysterious and vague in my tweets no more..., a rumor gets halfway around the world before the truth get it’s shoes on. Lol."

Tweets online hinted that the rumors could’ve started with an Antixbound IG Live which was run by Murder District, who is also rumored to be on pgLang.

So far the news of Kendrick Lamar leaving TDE hasn’t been confirmed and the story is developing but Kendrick Lamar took the time to address the rumors of being talked about "all year long" using a stuffed animal (now that he's a dad)

Do you think the rumors about Kendrick leaving TDE are true? How do you think Kendrick moving from TDE would affect hip-hop?

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