Cardi B Offered Joe Biden Debate Tips On Her Instagram 

Like most of the nation, Cardi B was tuned into the presidential debates on Tuesday night and she wasn’t pleased with what she saw. 

Cardi took to Instagram giving the former Vice President a ton of advice as well as voicing her opinions on the night's chaotic event.

"People from Joe's team, I'm letting y'all know right now, tell Joe to get aggressive," she said before the debate started on Instagram Live, "Don't let this man pick on you.He just wants to do a show. So give him a better get spicy!"

During the debate things started heating up, and so did Cardi, especially when the president went in on Biden’s son’s drug use. 

“For Trump to say that, that was such a low blow, especially to people who have to turn to drugs for comfort," said Cardi.

The Bronx rapper also put a call out to Biden to speak to her before the next debate. 

Do you think Cardi would be a good moderator for the next presidential debate? 

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