Get Paid To Binge-Watch Super Hero Movies & Game Of Thrones! Details Here!

DC Comics Exhibition: Dawn Of Super Heroes Launches At The o2

Now this is what I'm talking about! I seriously do this for free!

Just last week I binge watched all the Avengers movies!

Well a company called "Lost Universe" says they are offering one "movie or TV fanatic" 385 dollars for simply binge-watching and sharing their reviews of three superhero/Sci-Fi/fantasy movies or TV episodes.

You do have to apply, they're looking for someone who is "proficient in most things geek and pop-culture"

"Those wishing to apply should take a pic where they recreate a superhero/Sci-Fi/fictional character pose in a creative way, ‘using regular, everyday items’.

They should then upload this pic via Facebook or Instagram, naming your chosen character in the description. They will need to tag, using the competition hashtag #bingewatcherdreamjob"

CLICK HERE if you want to apply

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