Lil Yachty Tried To Act Like He Wasn't Arrested But The Mugshot is Out!

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Was he arrested or was he NOT arrested - that WAS the question!

So yesterday it came out that Lil Yachty was ARRESTED!!

The reports were that Yachty was arrested because he was speeding - apparently he was going 150 miles per hour in his Ferrari, which he got last month when it was his birthday!

Apparently he was in taken into jail and charged with reckless driving and speeding in excess of maximum limits!

BUT then hours after the news broke - Yachty seemed to disagree with the reports, he posted a video of him in his far holding a bunch of money and the caption read “I’m not in jail!”

Not just that but he also left a comment on another account that said he was arrested and he said “Man I’m watching TV!”

HOWEVER there are other reports stating that the incident actually happened LAST WEEK and that’s why Yachty was able to post and say things like

“I’m not in jail!” or “I’m watching TV” - technically those things are correct - he didn’t say “I was NEVER arrested!”

And our intuition was right - because now his mugshot has been released!

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