Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott’s Secret Dinner Dates: ‘Snuck Out’ Together


Kylie and Travis Scott broke up back last Fall but the two have been very close and even have been able to sneak out on dinner dates without being photographed. 

A source told Hollywood Life, the couple has been discreet about their dates because they didn’t want all the commotion surrounding them. 

The main reason Kylie and Travis are so close is because of their 2-year-old daughter, Stormi, whom they successfully co-parent.

The insider says Travis and Kylie are always on Facetime but that romance isn’t in the cards right now and they are happy co-parenting and aren’t looking to get back together as a couple. 

“We’re like best friends. We both love Stormi and want what’s best for her. We stay connected and coordinated. I think about [my parents] in situations with Stormi, what they would do. They were very hands-on with me, and I want the same for Stormi,” Kylie told Harper's Bazaar back in February 2019.

Are you and your ex better as friends? Do you and your ex have a successful co-parenting situation? 

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