JR Smith Reacts To Tory Lanez Calling Him Out on His New Album!

There were a LOT of people that Tory Lanez called out in his new album Daystar.

He said that he was hurt by Kehlani's tweets, admitted to having a crush on Kylie and brought up NBA player J.R. Smith. On his track "Sorry but I had to" he says

Uh, J.R. Smith, it's the pot that piss

And you the last cat that should talk about some shots that hit

'Cause your performance and percentage, player

Rollin', ridin' benches, *****, I'm from the trenches, *****

You the type to buy a chick a eighty and ya still won't get a inch up in her

J.R. took to his IG and said "I got time today too! bout to get real (pepper emoji)"

Then he said

"This clown shoots a female an y'all listening to his music like it's ok! TF @Torylanez you a straight clown straight writing an tell who ever to hit my line it's whatever!"

He wasn't done after that though!

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