Why Is Chance the Rapper Getting Dragged On Twitter? Find Out Here!

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Chance The Rapper has come up short on Twitter many times, but this time might want to take some time away from the platform. 

On Tuesday the “No Problems” rapper tweeted,"Ask your mom who to vote for. Vote for who she say."

Chance explained to his followers that their mothers have been through a lot and she would be able to give them some perspective, but that’s not how the Twitterverse took it. 

Fans fired back at Chance saying their parents didn’t share the same political views as they did, he even engaged with one fan, who said their mother was voting for the“status quo oppression.” 

As much as I LOVE Chance, and I get what he was saying, I also believe in educating yourself and figuring out who you should vote for! Sometimes our parents have an old school way of thinking and it might not align with your beliefs!

So even though Chance had the right intentions, especially when it comes to voting, but take the time and educate yourself...then VOTE!!!

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