Trump Orders The Ban Of Downloading TikTok Starting This Weekend!


Earlier this week it came out that a company called Oracle was going to buy TikTok, but the company and TikTok are working overtime to make this deal happen before the 20th!

Why?! Well because that was the deadline The Trump administration gave the Chinese owned app to be purchased by an American owned company!

Well the Department of Commerce announced today that the US will block the ability to download TikTok and WeChat. You also won't be able to update the apps!

So if you don't have the apps better DOWNLOAD IT!!!

Hopefully Oracle and TikTok can finalize this deal and get it approved by the US!

But I can't lie, I have a feeling that Trump will still find a way to ban the app, I still believe that he's butthurt about TikTok users ruining one of his rallys! HAHA

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