Barack Obama Confesses That He Has a Finsta Account!! Details Here!


If you think this is Barack Obama's Instagram're right! It is BUT guess what - apparently Barack has ANOTHER account!!! A FINSTA!!!! AHHHHHH

Ok so during a recent PSA Barack admits that he has a Finsta! However, lets be real, he might be joking!

In a PSA video Obama sends a message to young people about the importance of voting in the upcoming election. He also thanks them for showing him things on the internet like how to "make a mean sourdough starter," and how to do the popular TikTok dance, the "Renegade challenge." ("Renegade" was also Obama's secret service code name, so he's a real big fan of the challenge.)

"You showed me the 'Renegade Challenge' —great name by the way — which I've been enjoying on my finsta,"

Watch the video below!

This obviously sent some super fans looking for the Finsta, but I have a feeling you won't find it. He might have been kidding!!

What do you think???

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