Travis Scott Fined by City of Downey For McDonald's Surprise Event

Travis Scott Surprises crew and customers at McDonald's for the Launch of The Travis Scott Meal

Travis Scott and McDonald's were fined after a Downey, California meet and greet brought 500 people to the location to get their first taste of Travis' "Cactus Jack" meal.

The restaurant nor Travis got permits for the number of people who showed up as well as for filming the madness.

Travis and McDonald's were hit with a $200 fine for the violations. Meanwhile, we're sure McDonald's sold more than that with their six dollar specialty meal.

Travis Scott is the first celebrity to have his own McDonald's meal since Michael Jordan in 1992.

Have you tried the Cactus Jack meal?

I haven't yet, but all this talk is making me want to try it!

Check out the event below:

Do you think this post has to do the fine?

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