Beyoncé's Mom Reveals Origins of Beyoncé's Name! See Where It Came From!

The Launch Of House Of Dereon By Beyonce And Tina Knowles

Do you know how Mama Beyoncé came up with B's name?? Well Tina Knowles Lawson just revealed where it came from!

Turns out it was actually Tina's maiden last name! “A lot of people don’t know that Beyoncé is my last name. It’s my maiden name,”

Tina revealed the news during a podcast interview

“My name was Celestine Beyoncé, which at that time was not a cool thing to have that weird name. I wanted my name to be Linda Smith because those were the cool names.”

She also revealed that other family members still have the last name but some of them spell it differently! Like “Beyince.”

Who knew!!

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