Naya Rivera's Toxicology Report Is Revealed!

Women's Guild Cedars-Sinai Annual Luncheon

Heartbreaking details surrounding the tragic death of Naya Rivera have been revealed by the Ventura County Medical Examiner! They’ve also released her full autopsy!

According to the investigative report, after Naya was able to get her son back on the boat, he heard her yell “HELP” and she put her arm in the air! Then she disappeared into the water!

They also revealed that even though Naya was in good health, she did have a history of Vertigo and apparently that would get worse when she was in the water!

They also said that Naya was prescribed adder all for anxiety and was recently taking medication for a sinus infection.

I know a lot of people believe these conspiracy theories, but there was no known history of suicidal ideation or attempt!

In the toxicology report it did reveal she had low level amounts of amphetamine - which was probably the addreall

She also had diazepam and ethanol in her system.

Her blood alcohol concentration was 0.016

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