Kardashians Are Expected To Announce Streaming Deal Later this Year!

2019 E! People's Choice Awards - Social Crops

I knewwwww it!!! And I'm sure a lot of people will say that - but just check out what I said this in previous blog that was made before this story came out! CLICK HERE (Scroll to the bottom cause I said this was going to happen)

ANYWAYSSSSSS according to reports the Kardashians decided to leave E! because the network couldn't keep up with their salaries and now the family plans to sign a deal with a new company that can keep up! It could be Netflix, Amazon or Apple! OR The family is considering starting "their own media company"

But don't expect anything to happen anytime soon, the family apparently wants a break from the cameras, but they won't stay away forever!

I can see them creating their own shows that don't revolve around just following the family!

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