Woman Fears Grocery Store Sold Her Severed Male Private Parts

An Ohio woman cooking for her family found what she believes to be a severed human penis in a pot of stew.

Akron resident Lamia Singfield made the startling discovery while streaming the meal preparation on Facebook Live.

Singfield was stirring the pot when she realized one of the pieces of meat looked different from the smoked turkey tails she'd purchased for the recipe. "It is what I think it is," Singfield said after lifting the unusual piece of meat out of the pot and looking it over.

"There's a hole at the tip." Singfield says she called the police, who have confirmed: "it is, in fact, a penis."

In response to the disturbing find, Save A Lot -- the store at which Singfield purchased the ingredients -- has released the following statement: "Issues of quality receive the utmost priority, and we take this matter very seriously. We can confirm that we have had no previous quality issues with this item, and we have not been contacted by the customer in question or the local authorities regarding this incident. We will take the appropriate action at that time."

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