11 year old Drives Grandma To The Hospital When She Was Sick! Aww!

What a wonderful little hero!

When PJ's Grandma wasn't feeling well, he sprung into action and drove his grandma to the hospital!

She was feeling dizzy and week and couldn't see clearly! “I was leaning against the stop sign, and all of a sudden, I look to my right, and I see my car — my Mercedes-Benz coming towards me. Just in an easy, calm, manner, it was coming towards me,” the woman told 11Alive.

PJ drives a lot of go-karts and has some experience - he drove his go-kart home and got the car and picked up his Grandma who was about a block away from the house.

“This child is only 11 years old and drives like a pro,” she said. “He always rides either his four-wheeler, go-kart or his dirt bike while I’m trying to get a little exercise in.”

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