Video Captures Moment Boat Explodes & Sends Woman Flying! Watch Here!

Oh man! This could have been really bad!!! A video captured a boat bursting into flames while it was getting refueled!

The blast happened recently in the Italian port of Ponza, an island in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with the boat bursting into flames while it was getting refueled.

As you can see, the woman hands the fuel hose over to a gas station attendant moments before the explosion, which catapults her off the stern, into the air ... and eventually crashing down into the water.

The attendant was also thrown by the blast and had to hop into the water to avoid flames. Another man and woman aboard the boat had to leap to safety as the vessel kept burning.

It's pretty incredible ... Italian newspaper La Repubblica says everyone escaped without serious injuries -- just bruises for the 2 people on board.

Unclear what caused the explosion, but Italian police and coast guard are investigating.

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